10 Gorgeous Ideas Which Will Inspire Your She Shed

Switching from work and family mode to down time can be a struggle. Finding an area of peace and quiet, without spending a fortune getting out of the country is a challenge. There are too many every day stresses that come with family life. So what’s the solution?

For men, it’s called a ‘Man Cave’, for women a ‘She Shed.’ A sanctuary, tucked away in your garden, free from all the house hold drama. For so long a shed has been considered the domain of a man, consuming cheeky cigarettes or naughty beers.

But the time has come for change. Women up and down the country are finally beginning to take control of their garden sheds. Maybe you need a bit of space to do your hobbies, an area where you can do what makes you happy.

With this in mind, we have pulled together 10 of the prettiest sheds around. The idea being, they will inspire you to design your very own ‘She Shed.’

Old Fashioned

she shed1

Old fashioned, classical look. As you get out into the garden, why not go back to your roots? Kit your shed out with a traditional look, that fits in with the rest of your garden. Why not go back to basics? Go for something old fashioned and organic, a style which connects with nature. Having a change from the modern hustle and bustle of life, might just give you that bit of rest bite you need.

Plants Galore

Getting out into the garden can be a fantastic break, from the stresses of work. There have been numerous health benefits shown to gardening, with decreases in stress, improved memory and greater physical fitness noted. However, sometimes a big garden can be slightly too overwhelming, so why not spread the load and create a potting shed. This should give you a bit more space garden wise, whilst giving you a whole area dedicated to potting plants. A potting shed should provide you with a fresh clean space, with an aura of fresh air and calmness.


Perfect Hangout

All you might want is an area to chill out. A place you can call your own go to after a hard day and relax, maybe even get your friends over there. Kit out with some nice comfy garden furniture, fill it out with some blankets and if you fancy it why not put some cooking appliances in? This ‘She Shed’ would be the envy of all your friends would certainly make your place, the go to place.

Designed living room interior

Ski Lodge

If you want to feel like you’re going away, without actually going away the ‘Ski Lodge’ might be just right for you. Design the exterior, with lodge wood, so it gives the effect your up on the alps, then make sure you have plenty of hot cocoa available. During the cold winter months, it might just give you the feeling you’re relaxing on a ski holiday.

Waitress hands pouring milk making cappuccino

Going All Out Chic

If you haven’t got the interior design you adore at home it can drive you up the wall. Redecorating can be a painful experience, it takes forever and getting everything to match in a house can be a hassle. If it sounds like too much, move your ideas into your shed, give it a chic makeover and make it your space. Don’t let anyone cross over the threshold, it’s a space just for you!

sea travel styled shabby chic interior corner

Your Own Library

Even finding a space to get on your and read can be a struggle sometimes. For commuters, you might get 30 minutes or so to delve into a good book, but for the rest of us, we don’t even get a chance. The solution is simple, create your own library style. With a compact shed, you’ll have enough space to make it cosy, comfy and warm. All you need, is a sofa, book shelf and then you’re sorted. To be even more adventurous why not fit a bed in there? You can fully indulge in your books and even fall asleep with your head in the page!

library shed

A Crafters Studio

For the designers among us, getting a space at home where you can really get your head down is at a premium. If you design cards, knit, draw or do anything creative you need a space you can call your own. The garden shed is the perfect environment, stress-free, fresh air and the natural sound of the world. Treat yourself to a big enough desk to dance on, then put up some shelves for storing away any crafting equipment. Make sure there are some good windows fitted in, things would get difficult without any natural light.

Professional art studio

Beach Side Hut

Craft yourself your very own seaside getaway. Getting away on holiday is the only chance most of us get to take a break from the stresses of everyday life. So why not bring that luxury to your own back garden. Planked walls, sea shells and plenty of candles will give you that beachside oasis you’ve been looking for. It’s a great space for relaxing and enjoying some time to yourself.

beach side shed

Cocktail Bar

Sometimes all that we need after a long day is a nice chair and a glass of the good stuff. Finding that magic combination is not always so easy, however, and going to a bar in town can be more stressful. So why not utilise the space in your garden? Move in all your favourite chairs, stock it full of your tiple and then you have your own space to relax in. A cocktail bar style shed, would also be a perfect hangout spot, so get the girls round and enjoy taking a break.

Colorful cocktails

Minimalist Style

A house full of clutter does not make for a relaxing environment. If you’re coming home from a long day at work, the last thing you want is to have dirty clothes or washing up on top of you. The minimalist shed gives you a break way from it all and it’s incredibly easy to make! All you need is a really snug chair, some blankets and a small coffee table. You can get away from the mess and clutter and finally get a bit of time to yourself.

Modern interior

So there we have it, if you want some time to yourself a ”She Shed’ is the answer.

What do you think ?

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