Britain’s Most out of Control Gardens: Check Your Neighbour’s Garden

Residents living close to some of Britain’s most out of control gardens are being called upon to check if everything is okay with their neighbours. The state of a front garden can be an accurate barometer of the wellbeing of the residents living inside the property.

Therefore why not knock on front doors and check your neighbours garden. Especially if you begin to spot a gradual change in the upkeep standards of a garden. The problem can be particularly noticeable at this time of year if a garden has been left to overgrow throughout the entire summer months.

Showing concern can improve relationships and identify serious issues. Even if many residents in towns and cities may feel the state of a neighbouring garden is none of their business. 

We want to encourage residents to take an interest in the state of their neighbour’s gardens. Although, you should only intervene if things go seriously astray.

Britain’s most out of control gardens

Check Your Neighbour’s Garden

The state of a garden says much about the health of the resident inside. We aren’t asking you to be unduly nosey and interfering, we are simply asking you to take a neighbourly interest in the gardens around them.

If they notice a once loved and carefully tended flower bed has been neglected and left to weeds. Then perhaps consider knocking on the front door and speaking to the homeowner to make sure they are all right.

After a long hot summer like we have had in the UK this year, many gardens are particularly overgrown at the moment. Now is the perfect time to look around your neighbourhood. Even if it is just to take stock and make sure everyone is okay.

We aren’t talking about someone letting the lawn go a couple of weeks without a mow. We are talking about gardens becoming so seriously overgrown that plants have covered the windows blocking light from getting in. When you see a garden in that state you know something must be wrong.

There once was a time when it was common for neighbours to check on one another if things were a little awry.

Sadly we have lost much of that sense of community. Especially in big cities. But if a garden has been left to rot there’s often a very good reason why.

Where I live almost all of the gardens are lovingly tended. We would certainly notice if one was left to rack and ruin. I like to think I would be brave enough to knock and just check everything was all right. After all, it’s nice to be neighbourly.

What do you think ?

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